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Our History

Northeast Laboratories, Inc. was formed in 1977 by William W. Ullmann, Ph.D. and Alan Johnson. Dr. Ullman had previously served as the Director of the Health Services Laboratory Division for the State of Connecticut as well as the Senior Chemist in the Division of Laboratories and Research for the New York State Department of Health. At Northeast Labs, Dr. Ullman served as President and Technical Director of the laboratory. Alan Johnson, then a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut, served as the laboratory director and vice president. In 2012 after the passing of Dr. Ullmann, Alan Johnson became President of the laboratory.

For the past forty five years Northeast Laboratories has remained an industry leader in analytical testing. As an environmental laboratory, Northeast Labs has helped maintain high standards for our air, water, and soil and has assisted a variety of different customers in meeting state and federal regulatory guidelines. Despite changes throughout the years, Northeast Laboratories has continued to serve customers across the United States and around the globe through ensuring the safety and efficacy of a wide variety of products ranging from foods, to pharmaceuticals to biodegradable plastics.

Today, Northeast Laboratories is a fully equipped laboratory that supports our chemists, microbiologists and laboratory technicians in the testing of water, food, marijuana, and many, many other products. In 2022, the torch was passed from generation to generation as Northeast Laboratories was purchased by Garrett Johnson, Alan Johnson’s son. Under this new ownership, our team strives for excellence in all of our projects and endeavors to meet all of our customer's testing needs while adhering to a strict quality assurance/quality control program.  

Our Mission

To serve the needs of our clients by offering unique, comprehensive, and customer oriented technical services, testing and consultation.

We are recognized as:

  • A Certified Environmental Laboratory 
  • A Certified Approved Milk Laboratory 
  • A CDC Elite Laboratory for Legionella Testing
  • A Registered Public Health Laboratory 
  • A Registered Controlled Substance Laboratory 
  • An FDA Registered Good Manufacturing Practice Laboratory

Quality Policy

As a part of our commitment to quality analytical service, Northeast Laboratories has developed an intensive quality assurance program that covers all laboratory procedures from sample receipt to data reporting. All methods and procedures are documented by standard operating procedures and in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices.

We maintain strict consistency to implement our program, knowing that our Quality Assurance and Quality Control practices are essential to scientific validation. All Staff members are trained to adhere to QA/QC practices. All procedures are supported by and subject to internal assessments and reviews.

Equipped to Meet All of Your Analytical Testing Requirements

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